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Transparency Legal Advice Centre

Floor 3, 69 Middle Abbey Street , Dublin, Ireland, D01 P5Y4.
Registered Charity Number: 20104870
Companies Registration Office Number: 552538
CHY (Revenue) Number: 21331
Governing Form: Company Limited by Guarantee
Establishment Country: Ireland
Education Body: No

Charitable Purpose:
Advancement of education, Other purpose that is of benefit to the community Advancement of community welfare including the relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, or disability, Promotion of civic responsibility or voluntary work, Advancement of conflict resolution or reconciliation
Charitable Objects:
The main object for which the Company is established is: To advance education and benefit the community by operating as an Independent Law Centre pursuant to and regulated by the Solicitors Acts 1954-2002 (Independent Law Centres) Regulations 2006 (SI 103/2006) through the provision of legal advice and other legal services particularly to persons seeking to make or having made disclosures or reports of wrongdoing as provided for in Irish Law (including under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and legislation referred to therein), insofar as this may be done by a body of persons established for charitable purposes and not otherwise.

The following object set out hereafter is exclusively in furtherance to the main object set out above and this object is to be used only for the attainment of that main object and any income generated therefrom is to be applied for the main object only: To arrange, provide, organise or promote the provision of legal education, conferences, lectures, seminars, meetings, courses, exhibitions, training and information services and other events.
Activities Description:
Please note that we are yet to launch as an operational law centre. The company was incorporated by the Companies Registration Office on 12 November 2014, granted charitable status by the Revenue Commissioners on 30 January 2015 and designated an independent law centre by the Law Society of Ireland on 27 May 2015. We are currently setting up our procedures and intend to launch in October 2015.

Once we are operational, we will operate a helpline service called “Speak Up” for workers who are considering raising a concern, as well as witnesses and victims of corruption and other wrongdoing. The Speak Up service offers general information, referral advice and advocacy support.

Where there is a need for legal advice, we assess whether the caller’s case falls within our practice area. We will focus on offering legal advice to workers intending to make a report under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 (commonly known as ‘whistleblowing’). We may also serve clients who have already made a protected disclosure. In addition, we seek to provide legal advice to individuals wishing to make a disclosure as otherwise provided for in Irish law. We will not offer legal services in respect of other practice areas including conveyancing, criminal and personal injury.

In order to facilitate supportive working environments for those who speak up, we may also provide training and legal education to stakeholders including employers, regulators, trade unions and legal practitioners.

We do not have any employees at present but will soon appoint a Managing Solicitor. We anticipate that she will be supported by three volunteers. We have reflected this in the boxes below.
Advancement of conflict resolution or reconciliation, Advice/advocacy/information
Adult training, Advocacy and civil rights, Victim support
Companies may file their accounts with the Companies Registration Office instead of the Charities Regulator
Reporting Period from 23/10/2015 to 22/10/2016
Average number of Employees: 1-9
Average number of Individuals Volunteering for the charity in reporting period: 1-9
Gross income in reporting period as supplied by the charity: €0
Total expenditure in reporting period as supplied by the charity: €1,230
Trustees and Officers:
Name Position Start Date
Ms Patricia CroninDirector12/11/2014
Mr Gavin ElliottDirector12/11/2014
Ms Sarah-Jane BarrettDirector12/11/2014
Ms Lauren KieransDirector12/11/2014
Ms Lauren KieransCompany Secretary12/11/2014
Other Locations/Premises in Ireland:
Also Operates in:
No other countries on file

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