Existing Charities

(Charities that held a CHY number prior to 16/10/2014)


NB: If you are an existing charity but did not hold a CHY number prior to 16/10/2014 or do not hold a CHY number. Please go to the New Charity Tab on the guidance page. 

NB: If you are a school please refer to the Schools section. 


Charities that have held a charity number from before 16/10/2014 are deemed automatically registered. However, the information that the Charities Regulator hold on such charities is very limited and it is the responsibility of those charities to provide the Charities Regulator with the information required. This information will be displayed on our website for the public to view. All charities by law must  report to the Charities Regulator in relation to the activities carried out during the financial year and must also disclose their financial information. There are two main steps to this process and is all done online. 

Part 1) Submit information

Part 2) Provide your Annual Report.


Part 1) Submit Information

All charities who held a CHY number from before 16/10/2014 were sent a letter containing information on how to submit your information. This is an online process and is done through our website. The letter sent contains a unique PIN number which allows you to sign up to our website and create an account. To create an account with your PIN click the "Create" button which is located below or on our home screen. If you have not received a letter from us please contact us here. You will be asked to set up a username and password which you will use to log into your account. Your username will be your email address through which we will correspond with you.

To access your charity account you will need to log into your charity account and fill out the relevant information. You will need to complete the various pieces of information requested and upload various documents. Once you have completed all your details you must select the "Declare Complete" button on the top of the screen for your information to be deemed submitted. Please view our user-guide for further information.

 Blue Activate                    Blue CHY Charities User-Guide

Part 2) Provide your Annual Return

Once you've submitted your initial information you will then be requested to submit your annual report in line with your financial year end. You will receive an email instructing you to do this when your annual report is due. For guidance on how to submit your annual report correctly please view our Annual Reporting User-guide below. 

 Blue Annual Reporting User-Guide